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Koen Bok
Posted Aug 26 - Read on Facebook

Framer Studio 1.6 is here with improved Sketch support, a revamped import sheet and much more.


Jorn van Dijk


Emil Widlund

Windows-support as well?

Keith Lang

Loving the rapid development!

Koen Bok

Restart and try again. Else just download from the site.

Wilson Miner

Still having trouble in 1.6 with a rogue layer importing with the wrong size. There are no shadows or borders on the layer in Sketch, but it always imports with 3px of extra transparent pixels around the edges.

Jorn van Dijk

Hey Wilson, can you put that file + bug up on github?

Wilson Miner

Jorn: yup

Koen Bok

I also just updated Framer Generator to incorporate these latest updates.

Alexandre Saddi

This stopped working for me. Any tips?

for layerGroupName in importedLayers
window[layerGroupName] = importedLayers[layerGroupName]

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