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Min-Sang Choi
Posted Nov 02 - Read on Facebook

Have been playing with Google Maps API these days. This is little interactive google map prototype. hope you enjoy :-)

Check interactive version on :


Michel Heiji Ichiy


Noah Tsutsui

Hey, is there an easy way to download the .framer folder for these projects? Or have you posted the .zip somewhere?

Min-Sang Choi

Nope i didnt share on purpose since source is little mess now. Will share when its ready.

Divya Menghani

Can you share the code(okay if messy) pls Min-Sang Choi?

Propeller Katapulsky

i would be very interested in the part of the code where you can enter text. would you share how you did this?

Min-Sang Choi

oops, sorry. This was 2 months ago and I completely forgot about this ;-) here's the framer project file :

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