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Noah Tsutsui
Posted Aug 24 - Read on Facebook

FS feature request: Select a word and pressing " should put quotation marks on both sides of the selection, not replace the selection with ".


Alex Hazel

Yah Sublime Text does this and I love it!

Adam Laskowitz

Sublime does it with all sorts of wrapping text, like () and [] {} etc. This would be a huge feature!

Alex Hazel

I would also love to be able to write my own snippets and call them with a shortcut command just like Sublime too.

Do we currently have the ability to do that? I see the snippet feature in FS but I don't know how to make my own.

I would also like to bind a shortcut to it so I don't have to use my mouse and pick it from a menu

Johannes Eckert

Alex Hazel open »Show Snippet Folder« and then create a new .coffee file in this folder, which will become a new snippet. you cannot assign shortcuts, though

Koen Bok

Ok yeah the other editor one that I need to fix is cmd arrow and . in words. I also like the idea of improving snippets and adding keyboards shortcuts for them. Is there more editor stuff?

Felix Wang

Is there a way to insert multiple karats? I seem to remember there was but couldn't get it to work after the update.

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