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Edward Sanchez
Posted Aug 23 - Read on Facebook

How do I set a minX and maxX on a draggable layer? It can't be based on the canvas size because the thing being dragged is 4000px long. But I want it to not be draggable past 280 nor past -3720.


Bruno Bergher

In the listener function, just set x to your min if layer.x > minX, and the same for maxX

Seoh Char there is `maxDragFrame` in Framer

Edward Sanchez

Just spent like an hour trying all sorts of things and seem stuck. I think the problem is that my bounds are huge and off "canvas" (if there is one). So when I drag near the bounds, I get this jerky movement as though it's trying to stick to it but not happy about it.

When I set an if statement the same thing happens.

I also have a momentum animation on DragEnd which needs to respect these bounds.

Edward Sanchez

I got it working with an animate to get rid of the shakies.

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