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Koen Bok
Posted Aug 22 - Read on Facebook

Last call. If you recently ran into importing issues with Sketch and Framer we'd love to hear about them. We're going to sit down with the Sketch team tomorrow to try and fix all of them.

If you know one, uploading a Sketch file with a small description of expected results would help us out a lot. Ideally before/during tomorrow.

The main ones we know about are around masks, extra padding and cutoff images. Our full list is here: Even if yours is known we can always use more examples to test on so send your .sketch anyway.


Mark Johnston

Does that include making sure things work with their 3.1 beta?

Koen Bok


Mark Johnston

Is there any thinking about being able to tag text to be output as html text rather than images? Maybe as a flag on a Sketch layer?

Koen Bok

Mark I don't think we would because it would be insanely hard to guarantee exact same visual results.

Mark Johnston

Can imagine the issues involved being different rendering engines between Sketch and browsers. The idea is still appealing though. :)

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