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Svet Denkov
Posted Aug 20 - Read on Facebook

Hey folks! Just getting my feet wet with Framer.js. Awesome tool! Aside from this resource (, is there a page which captures the complete "API"? Thanks in advance!


Jordan Robert Dobson

I'm pretty sure that's it... I was wondering if there is a place to mention bugs or discuss incorrect examples on that docs page. I noticed a few minor ones Koen Bok.

Svet Denkov

Jordan, thanks for the reply. Going through the examples on Framer's site, I noticed some functions that I could not find on the Docs page, hence my question :)

Jordan Robert Dobson

I just spent the last 15 minutes on Events.StateWillSwitch... :/ Not realizing that I have to do layer.states.on(Events.StateWillSwitch, ... ) instead of layer.on(Events.StateWillSwitch, ...)

Svet Denkov

yeah, I got confused on that initially but the Color Switch tutorial helped. It has an example of the same!

George Kedenburg III

I find myself frequently using github search on the framer repo, especially when I feel like I know something probably exists somewhere that I'm too dumb to remember

Svet Denkov

George, that's a good approach. I will dig into it!

Koen Bok

We need to update the docs with some recently added stuff. It's in the works.

Jordan sorry that was a bug and is fixed in latest.

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