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Thijs De Mooij
Posted Aug 21 - Read on Facebook

This prototype works when the preview reloads after a code change, but breaks when pressing the reload button. After some tests it looks like it has something todo with a videoLayer in a mask. All other prototypes work fine...

Here is a screencast, or try the prototype itself:


Marc Krenn

I've experienced a similar behavior when using a prores4444-encoded RGBA video.

IIRC it sometime wouldn't play unless I saved the file (via CMD+S). Reloading it via the button or CMD+R didn't work.

Thijs De Mooij

Are you playing the video within a mask as well?

Thijs De Mooij

It does play the video occasionally on reload, however the event-triggered animation are never working after CMD+R

Koen Bok

Hey Thijs I kind of know what it is. For some reason if you only create the videolayer after the dom is ready it actually works. I just don't really get why so I have to dive deeper into it for a proper fix. Until then you can just wrap it in a domComplete like this:

Thijs De Mooij

That is really helpful, thanks Koen!

Benjamin Den Boer

Alternatively, you could also wrap your code within this function:

Where you can target the variable you've set your videoLayer to specifically. This runs when your video can run all the way through.

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