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Godrich Wild Man
Posted Aug 19 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys!

I was wondering how you guys do to test your prototypes on real devices? I'm trying to use Framer to present some cool animations of our new app for a client, before give it to our engineers to build the app. As I haven't an Apple development account yet, I'm assuming I'm unable to install the prototype locally in the Homescreen of my iPad, am I right?

What I'm doing is placing the project's folder on Dropbox and open the link on Safari and then install it on my Homescreen, but the initial animations are taking an eternity to start, since they depends of internet connection (even if I use setTimeOut function, it doesn't work properly).

Am I missing something? I appreciate if you guys could share your workflows with me. Thanks!


Mike Feldstein

Yeah, if you don't have a development account, Safari's Add to homescreen is the best you're going to find. Josh Puckett and I are both working on solutions to this workflow.

Mike Feldstein

If you really need to install prototypes like first class apps, you may want to look into using android instead. It's much easier to distribute things.

Godrich Wild Man

Yeah, I know. But the app is only for iPad in this first version.
Thanks for answering. Much Appreciated!

Stephen Crowley

Had similar constraints... Wrote a little post and if you navigate to SimpleHTTPServer, I go into a little detail of how I test on my device. currently using this method to test a design for the iPad.

Seoh Char

I'm using `locally`, SimpleHTTPServer of nodejs

Godrich Wild Man

Nice post, Stephen Crowley! I also discovered and it's awesome too! It gives you a local server and an external server (via ip address, so I can test in real time in my iPad or iPhone device).
Worth to take a look. I've also included it as a dependency in my Gulpfile and now everything is automated, with auto page refresh and all that stuff. :-)

Andrei Popovici

I've had good results with as well (site needs to be hosted somewhere first).

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