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Garrett Murray
Posted Aug 18 - Read on Facebook

Anyone ever have an issue where the importer in Framer Studio seems to cache its results? I accidentally imported an SVG into Sketch and it had a wonky layer name containing a %. When I tried to import my Sketch document back into Framer Studio, the import was invalid and it only captured a few images until it hit that layer name. So I delete the layer with the offending name, but now Framer Studio can't import the Sketch document... it just keeps importing the broken stuff again, even though the file is different. It's like I somehow tricked Framer Studio into using a cached version of the Sketch file. Quit FS, quit Sketch, etc, no luck.


Garrett Murray

So of course as soon as I posted this, I realized what was happening. That SVG file was also open in an Untitled 2 Sketch document hanging out in the background on my second screen. So the bug here is that Framer Studio SAYS it's importing from my real file in the import sheet, but it was actually trying to import from a different document.

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