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Jordan Robert Dobson
Posted Aug 20 - Read on Facebook

I'm a Mac user working at Microsoft with opportunities to bring Framer JS into the office design process... but I have a few questions / issues.

I'm working with a few designers there but have run into the following uncertainties...

1) What is the level of support for Windows Phone? Your site states you support it but I'm having a few layout issues (I believe the transform property is the main issue). Also, is there a webkit browser you support for windows?

2) Is there any sense of a timeline for the generator on Windows? I see that being a key thing from helping designers move from a PSD easily into framer and understanding how the layers work.


Marc Krenn

ad 2) as of July 22nd:
"No eta at this point. Sorry."

Jordan Robert Dobson

Koen Bok or Benjamin Den Boer - Any info for me or should we just give up?

Koen Bok

So I actually think we made an oops here. I think I was pretty sure at the time that windows phone had a webkit based browser but after some Google I think that is just not the case. I'm very sorry.

That would make running Framer on windows phone not doable at this time. I think the modern IE engine can actually do a lot of the stuff we need, so I might be able to get it to work in the future but that would require quite some research that for now I think is better spent elsewhere with our limited resources.

For the windows generator, porting the JSX script is doable (it ran before actually), I just need time to do it.

Koen Bok

Benjamin can we update the page on monday to not include windows phone?

Benjamin Den Boer

Koen Bok Sure thing.

Jordan Robert Dobson

It can do most things from what I've seen. Not sure about the css effects like blur and so on but everything else is very similar.

Koen Bok

If that is true it shouldn't be too hard to get to work. Most of the interesting stuff is here:

If you send me a phone I'll take a look too :-)

Aaron Carámbula

Grab your nearest MS eng who loves open source and js/cs and ask super nice to pitch in! It'd be sweet to have the community grow like that.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Aaron - that might as well be me. :) The outputs were so close I expected it was a small bug. It's actually really close to working.

Jordan Robert Dobson

So, I started to take a look at this on my windows phone and IE11 and initially it really seems that all that is needed is the -ms-transform prefix... I need to dig in a bit more but it looks like this could be quite simple.

I did notice that IE11 handled it fine without the prefix but windows phone (it's a bit older) needs it.

I'll update you as I learn more. I need to setup your build from the repo to start making some changes. :D

Koen Bok

Nice! Let me know how it goes. Setting up the build should be really easy. Just clone it and do npm install; make build

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