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Mike Feldstein
Posted Aug 17 - Read on Facebook

Anyone in San Francisco willing to beta test my new Framer iOS app? Would love to get more eyes on it and nail these last few problems before it hits the app store.


Luka Marčec

Koen, Jorn, Benjamin, Josh, you guys might be interested in this.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Mike Feldstein - I'll give it a go.

Braden Hamm

Pretty please! I'd love to test it out. iPad next?

Mike Feldstein

iPad for sure. I'll make sure it works on it tonight. I'll get builds out to you guys who have emailed me this weekend.

Josh Puckett

oh snap! No 3rd party? interesting :) Would love to help test

Mike Feldstein

Also if you email me, send me a UDID so i can add you to my provisioning profile.

Ed Chao

dude. such yes.

Peter Ng

Killin it brah

Angel Ceballos

This is awesome! I'm totally open to beta test for you.

Chad Lonberger

Helped with the first round of testing, it's now a permanent part of my workflow. Thanks again Mike Feldstein

Mike Feldstein

Thanks chad! The focus on this is definitely workflow. Framer is an incredible tool in itself, and I think with the right support tools, it can empower people to do some really cool stuff. Brian Armstrong and I have some pretty cool ideas up our sleeves, just trying to get the basics working first.

Ed Chao

up and running. works fantastic, really excited for the weekend :)

Min-Sang Choi

Not in sanfrancisco, but willing to test if allowed.

Noah Tsutsui

While it's not free, is the closest I've ever come to "real" user feedback.

Mike Feldstein

Yeah i think beta testing on this is requires a bit of a special type of user.

Also i just got android support working so if anyone wants to beta test on android hit me up. I miss being able to just email apks so much!

Noah Tsutsui

on you can specify a "Users should... ", for example "Users should own a cat" or "want to learn Spanish", etc.

Mike Feldstein

Thanks for the suggestion. Definitely have no shortage of people looking to try it out though.

Braden Hamm

Sent over my UDID last night. Can't wait!

Nicholas Sheriff Jr

Yess I'm in San francisco I'd love to test it out

Tisho Georgiev

I can give a hand in testing, too (and am near SF if that matters).

Mike Feldstein

Running out of extra slots on my developer provisioning but I'll try to get it out to a few more of you. Sorry to those I can't get to yet but I just started the app store submission so hopefully we can all play with it soon.

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