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Kiran Adimatyam
Posted Aug 24 - Read on Facebook

Can we run the prototypes directly on the iphone?


Alex Hazel

Yes. Get the framer project folder onto a web server or the public folder of your DropBox and then navigate to the "index.html" page on your iPhone. Then once the page is loaded you can choose "Add To Homescreen" from the share button so you can have an icon to launch it on the homescreen of your iPhone.

I recommend viewing it in Clear Browser app for the iPhone as well.

Koen Bok

We will have something better for this soon.

Tom Watson

Anyone know how to actually navigate/find the URL for your public DropBox folder?

Koen Bok

Right click on index.html then copy public link in the dropbox menu.

Tom Watson

Yeah, had to hunt for it on the web interface. Wilson Miner to the rescue.

Alex Hazel

The right-click functionality is broken on the Mac in Yosemite. In fact I think it was broken before I updated to Yosemite. So you have to navigate to the web interface to copy the public link for any file you put in dropbox now. But that's just me....

Noah Tsutsui

Is framerview still alive? I feel like it's been in the app store submission process for a month.

Edward Sanchez

I want it now! :-P

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