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Jorn van Dijk
Posted Aug 15 - Read on Facebook

Prototyping with Framer, a workshop from Jay Stakelon. This is great material if you want to get started!


Jorn van Dijk

Sorry if you see this twice. Just updated the post but FB didn't update the preview image.

Alex Hazel

going through this now....learning some interesting tidbits here and there. Really is great for a newbie like myself.

Something as simple as "myLayer.opacity = myLayer2.opacity = 0" to declare multiple layers that share the same properties on one line is good to know.

And using the myLayer.frame object to store the original location of an element in your project.

Noah Tsutsui

are we entering the age of gotham italic now and no one told me?

Alex Hazel

Is there a way to animate multiple elements with a single animate declaration within a function? Similar to how you declare a property for multiple elements on a single line.

For instance, in his exercise 4, he asks that you fade in and out the ThumbsUp and ThumbsDown layer depending on which direction and how far you drag the layer.

Instead of declaring animations for both Layers.PhotoCard.ThumbsUp and another one for Layers.PhotoCard.ThumbsDown....Is there a way to combine it so that I can just apply my animation to multiple elements with one declaration?

Alex Hazel

Exercise 5 — the "scrolling" example — doesn't work in Framer Studio.

In fact, scrolling in Framer Studio doesn't work at all.

Am I missing something? Can this only be viewed in the index.html file on a server?

Jay Stakelon

Thanks all and Alex Hazel in Framer Studio instead of clicking and dragging (like you would in iOS simulator) just scroll using trackpad/mouse wheel - does that work for you?

Jay Stakelon

Noah Tsutsui it's actually but, yeah, if it's not bold, italic and uppercase it might as well not exist these days, huh

Alex Hazel

Well would you look at that! Apparently, I have to use the mouse wheel....Can't believe I forgot to try that....

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