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Mike Feldstein
Posted Aug 14 - Read on Facebook

Does anyone know of any good references for FramerJS performance tips? Any big things to not do that will kill performance?


Marc Krenn

In my experience:
Curve-animate an array of - let's say 9+ - PSD-imported layers to a new position. Stuff like that may run fine ( = w/ minimal hiccups) on your desktop machine but will eventually crash Safari Mobile on an iPad Air.

Koen Bok

I'll try and write something about this. Some stuff from the top of my head:

- Things that cannot be composited on the GPU only (width, height, etc)
- Non JIT javascript engines (iOS7 and lower non-safari webviews)
- Scaled retina displays (extra resizing step)
- Too many animating layers (duh)
- Too large surfaces (>2048px iirc, webkit has a tile render that lazily uploads pixels, you get stutters while uploading)
- The garbage collector (if you create lots of objects really quickly, js halts all execution to get rid of them, if that takes longer than 16ms you lose a frame)

If you keep 1-3 in mind, it's pretty hard to get Framer to it's knees in my experience.

Mike Feldstein

- Non JIT javascript engines (iOS7 and lower non-safari webviews)
Is there a way to get a JIT JS engine in a 3rd party app? Does this affect Add-to-homescreen pages?

Koen Bok

- Only in iOS8 that got updated with a WKWebView (webkit2)
- Homescreen apps are always full speed

Mike Feldstein

Good to know. My performance seems to be fine even with non-JIT. It still has full Hardware Accelerated rendering and composition right?

Koen Bok

Yes it won't be horrible, just not able to handle as much animating layers.

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