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Jeff Rock
Posted Aug 12 - Read on Facebook

On the Framer Studio webpage in the "Create Anything" section, the copy references that you can "Preview your prototypes on iPhone, iPad, Android" as well as "Quickly export your project to upload anywhere", though I cannot see any way two do either of those things in the Framer Studio window or menus.
Am I missing something?


Alex Hazel

You need to save your project. Then you need to move that project to a web server or the Public folder in your DropBox account. Then you need to share a link to your project by linking to the Index.html file.

Onces you have that link you can open it on any device you want.

Alex Hazel

However I was having a different issue where my content was really small when I viewed the index.html page on my iPhone. I wonder if you have to set the zoom level of the preview area to be 100% before saving your project. No Idea. I haven't' have time to play with it recently. I haven't messed with any settings. I was focused on wrapping my head around Coffeescript itself.

Mike Feldstein

I have a tool that im building that makes it really easy to preview on iphone as well as to cache it to device for offline. Send me your UDID if you're interested in trying it out

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