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Dae Hyuk Yoon
Posted Aug 13 - Read on Facebook

I want to place few layers outside the masked main view and slide them in on click event, but anything outside this view are cropped and gone. Any idea?


Alex Hazel
Dae Hyuk Yoon

Thanks for the link Alex, but I'm looking for how to set things up from Sketch/Photoshop.

Alex Hazel

Can't you just set up the layer hierarchy in Photoshop the way that you want it and then once you import your PSD just adjust the x,y coordinates of the layers you want hidden from the canvas and set the CSS property "display: none" or "visibility: hidden" and then change the state of the layer to be visible once you want to show the hidden layers on the canvas?

James Muirhead

I place all the LayerGroups in view in Photoshop (using a Framer layer comp to save the positioning), then in Framer, I move the various layers that need to be off-screen initially via a "layerName.x = -640" statement.

Dae Hyuk Yoon

Thanks James, that worked beautifully!

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