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Skitz Stewart
Posted Aug 12 - Read on Facebook

Greeting all, I am a designer with web experience but new to actually coding both Coffeescript and Javascript. Any advice and good resources to get me started? I've browsed a ton of stuff but while some introduce elements, nothing really talks about how to bring it together.


Alex Hazel

I feel your pain man.....Bump for helpful info

Adam Laskowitz

What exactly do you mean by "bring it together"? I have a good amount of javascript (jquery) experience, although new to Coffeescript, as well as Framerjs. Framer seems to follow it's own logic for "bringing it together" so I would suggest you just look at as much source code as you can and download it. Get as much as you can and mess around with it as much as you can, that's the only way you'll figure out what does what. The help page isn't amazing for Framer but it does it's job. Scour this FB page and download as much as you can.

The Coffeescript website does a great job as showing the differences between it and Javascript, but without the Javascript knowledge you'll be left in the dark.

While I don't necessarily have resources for you, I can suggest that you choose something to do (simple simple simple) and build it. In pure Javascript in a web browser. Google (Stackoverflow is your best best BEST friend) as much as you can as you do this and bookmark anything you think you'll need to know again and again.

jQuery is really what threw it all together for me in understand the real power of Javascript and dynamic web development. Unfortunately that's not related to Framerjs.

John Chan

Tre are you familiar with JS or have no prior experience?

Scott Johnson

Tre, I'm pretty much in the same position. I just started reading the attached book. It's been a good resource so far to understand the basics. Like others have said, it's fairly important to get a grasp on vanilla Javascript before diving into Coffeescript.

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