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Jorn van Dijk
Posted Aug 13 - Read on Facebook

A bunch of you have asked how to create GIFs. Here's a short post explaining how to make them:


Ed Chao

Up until now I've been using LiceCap ( , but Quicktime seems much more legit. Thanks Jorn van Dijk

Ale Muñoz

Alternatively, if you don't have (or don't fancy using) Photoshop, you can use GIF Brewery, either the AppStore version at (probably the best 4,49€ you'll spend this week) or the 3.0 beta:

Jorn van Dijk

I've tried GIF Brewery extensively on my Mac but find it unstable and blows up a processor or 2 along the way every time I ask it to render a GIF. Works well for you?

George Kedenburg III

Something I find that helps a ton with getting GIFs to a manageable size is to adjust the frame rate in the timeline down to around 12. It sounds really low, but it still looks smooth and will reduce your file size by ~50%.

Ale Muñoz

Jorn van Dijk: the beta worked fine for me, but maybe I'm not encoding anything too hardcore. As always, YMMV, 2cents, caveat emptor, lorem ipsum : )

Braden Hamm

My problem is making gif's that are the right dimensions for Dribbble!

Moaaz Sidat

Good stuff, Thanks Jorn!

Thibault Maekelbergh

Think this is the best and quickest way:

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