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Édouard Urcades
Posted Aug 11 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone, super quick Q, figure this would be the quickest place to ask:

How do I loop imported .gifs & videos?


Adam Laskowitz

Gif should have looping embedded in the file, no?

Édouard Urcades

Adam the .gif loops infinitely naturally, basically what I'm trying to do is have it loop as long as it's hovered-over

Adam Laskowitz

Ah, that makes sense. I'm not sure that's possible even outside of Framer.

Seoh Char There is `VideoLayer` and method in layer, fyi.

Édouard Urcades

^ great example for video, I'm wondering if .gifs can be manipulated in a similar way

Seoh Char

controlling gif is not supported on browser. but you can use external libraries for controlling. like this IMHO, complex logic is not purpose of framer. i think switching splited static images could be better solution. minimize problem, maximize experience.

Édouard Urcades

^ holy crap Adam this might do the trick! I'll test it out and let y'all know if it works

also, I'll give that a look, Cha

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