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Moaaz Sidat
Posted Aug 10 - Read on Facebook

So wanting to try out the studio but brushing up on my CoffeesScript skills before I commit to studio's native editor, I started playing around with CoffeeScript on Framer.

Running into two problems:

a) An external file won't compile using the core compiler ( added as a script tag in the html and forces me to write all my CS inline.

b) For external files, running 'coffee -c' works pretty nicely, but being a prototyping tool, I would appreciate not having to run that every time.

'coffee -w' would have solved the problem but returns
"ReferenceError: Layer is not defined". (where Layer is the native Framer Layer object)

A solution to any of these (preferably (b)) would be highly appreciated. Also, please point out if I'm doing something wrong in my setup (I am a CoffeeScript newbie). Thanks!