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Mike Feldstein
Posted Aug 09 - Read on Facebook

What is everyone's workflow for running prototypes on their devices?

I'm working on a tool that lets you easily run prototypes on your phone, live-update when you change the code and install prototypes to the home screen to work offline, but if there's already a better existing solution I'd love know about it.

Let me know how you guys do it currently, and if you want to beta test please let me know. I don't think I can distribute it widely since it's hard to distribute iOS apps but hopefully I can get it to some of you.


Mike Feldstein

If you're in San Francisco especially I'd love to get some feedback on it.

Braden Hamm

I'm pretty sure Josh Puckett is working on something similar. But there's nothing now other than throwing it up on Dropbox, which still isn't that simple.

Flip Sos

I use Codekit and open the prototype in Safari/add to homescreen on iOS

Adam Laskowitz

What about filling screen size? Especially when importing Photoshop groups...

Mike Feldstein

Adam Laskowitz what do you mean by filling screen size? Is this just hiding the url bar?

Mike Feldstein

Braden Hamm I've heard from a few people that putting it on dropbox is a no-go for their company, so I'm trying to make it totally self-contained.

Adam Laskowitz

Filling the screen size as in scaling one screen mockup to fill a different screen mockup. Imagine a background image was created for an Android phone, then you load it on an a new bigger Android phone, if you don't have some script running to make it fill the extents, then you will see black or white, or w/e color because it's smaller than the screen size.

Mike Feldstein

Could this be done inside the prototype? For example, on document load, get the size of your prototype, then get the size of the screen, then set a scale transformation on the body? You'll need to make sure to keep the same aspect ratio.

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