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Chad Lonberger
Posted Aug 15 - Read on Facebook

Can anyone help me understand maxDragFrame? Trying to build some basic vertical/horizontal scrollable areas (running on a mobile device) and am unclear on how to constrain the scrolling so layers don't scroll off the page in either direction. Ex: A vertical news feed that stops scrolling when you reach the bottom or when you scroll back up to the original position. Thanks in advance.


Ed Chao

usually the way Ive done this is on the event Events.DragEnd I animate the layer to where I consider the drag limit should be. Maybe there are better ways?

Chad Lonberger

Thanks Ed, that's helpful and also the slide example on

Chad Lonberger

Ed Chao This is awesome! Thanks a lot. Seems like there should be a community page on the site that references great shares like this

Ed Chao

haha, i think this is the community page :)

Marc Krenn

Just to be fair Ed, this fact hard to digest for most of us, isn't it? ;)

Oh, and hands down, there must certainly be more undocumented- and hacked-in features in Framer than documented ones right now. A real pain in the ass, especially for beginners.

Is there any way we could help you out here, Koen?

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