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Gwen Brinsmead
Posted Aug 09 - Read on Facebook

Is there any way to rotate the device in Framer Studio? For example, I'd like to use a iPad mini in landscape instead of portrait.


Josiah Tullis

I believe this is IMPOSSIBRU.

Spencer Schoeben

oh. probably. there should be

Spencer Schoeben

you're welcome :)

Ola Laurin

I think there should be a FAQ.

Sabato Urciuoli

Maybe you can try to simulate it using fullscreen mode and just put it on background.

Koen Bok

Yeah sorry. This should be in there and were on it.

Wilson Miner

Koen: I made you a new desktop wallpaper.

Koen Bok

Haha. Would be a nice group header too.

Christophe Tauziet

This is amazing

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