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Johannes Eckert
Posted Aug 10 - Read on Facebook

so many awesome people posted so much good stuff here of visually inspiring applications of Framer code. I wanted to collect them all, and cannot just hold them all, so I started by own personal pinterest board. I don't know if that feels right because of attribution and such (I assumed that by posting it to this public facebook group it can be collected somewhere else, too).

What do you think? I was trying to find a way of visually capturing small pieces of code and be able to browse through them.

Is there a better way? Is it worth it?


Min-Sang Choi

looks pretty cool!

Marc Krenn

Thanks Johannes, for including one of my examples!

Since most of the examples are shown in the form of a gif - for the sake of consistency ;) - I made one for this particular example as well:

Eugene Reznik

fckn awsm!

Johannes Eckert

Thanks Marc, I'll update

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