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Flip Sos
Posted Sep 24 - Read on Facebook

I just implemented an iFrame into an framer project to load some external content.
main.html = "<iframe src=\"\" width=\"640\" height=\"960\">
Unfortunately Framer Studio opens that link on every edit in your default browser.
Any other way to integrate external html files into framer?


Koen Bok

Hmmm yeah. Are you looking to emulate a browser or something?

Flip Sos

Yes in that case I was. But many scenarios come to my mind. Like embedding a google map, soundcloud widget and so on. I didn't want to bloat the framer file with all the html/css. How else can I achieve this? Creating a div in framer via main.html and then populating that via JS from the index.html?

Koen Bok

Nope, I have to enable it in the webview. Just thinking about what the default behavior should be and how to override it...

Riccardo Zecchini

I also ran into the same issue. I'm embedding a map from Open Street Map using an iframe but then it's nearly impossible to use the editor, everytime I refresh, it opens the link in the browser. (I'm not building the iframe directly in Framer, I'm populating a div with an external script)

Nick Kutateli

Koen Bok Has this been resolved? Running into the same issue. Trying to embed a 3d model using an iframe.

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