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Thomas Aylott
Posted Aug 11 - Read on Facebook

Who wants an After Effects to Framer generator? I can help.

I helped Koen with the Photoshop to Framer generator. The ExtendScript code that powers some of that lives in my node-photoshop project. Now I'm adding After Effects support.

If you want to build an After Effects generator for Framer, I can help.


Thomas Aylott


Seoh Char

Here is a question. Is it possible Pixelmator to Framer Generator technically? I am framer newbie and only have Pixelmator.

JT DiMartile

Thomas, what is this black magic? I would love to to have an after effects generator for framer. How can I help?

Thomas Aylott

Cha, I haven't looked into Pixelmator. I've been scripting Adobe apps for a few work projects. Sorry.

Pasquale D'Silva


Thomas Aylott

How you can help…
1. Write code.
2. Share your opinion.
3. Provide example AE projects.

#1 My AE stuff is generic. Someone else needs to build the Framer part. Like with the Photoshop generator, my stuff is only half the story.

#2 Most of my craziest ideas go nowhere because I can't find ebough people to care.

#3 If this happens, we'll need a bunch of example AE projects to test it with.

Marc Krenn

Very curious of what the benefits would be compared to the PSD-importer.

Stuff like keyframe- and layer.z-import would be dope...

Thomas Aylott

This is strictly a solution searching for a problem. I have no idea what people would use After Effects and Framer for in the real world. That's partly why I'm posting here.

If this existed, what would you use it for?

Cemre Güngör

I don't use AE personally :(

Josh Goodwin

I used AE till I found Framer. Seems odd to need to go from one to the other.

Milo Milo

WOW man!! Looking forward to it.. Wish you a good luck .)

John Chan

Not saying it should be a focus in the first steps, but I'm curious, is it possible to also fetch the scale, position, rotation and opacity transitions data? If you have a 5 point animation you could just do all of it in AE, then add the stop/start cues in Framer. Although I haven't used Framer enough to know if this is really worth it in the long run.

Will Sahatdjian

Node-photoshop looks awesome. Can't wait to try it out. Thanks for sharing.

Jeff Orshalick

What about illustrator to framer...?

Ryan Dombrowski

It all depends what we are able to export. Personally, adding z-position, orientation, and custom easing would be the magic trick. I automatically think of creating prototypes with non-realtime 2.5/3D interfaces. This would allow us to use additional tools or plug-ins to visualize some crazy experiences.

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