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Billy Roh
Posted Aug 07 - Read on Facebook

Feature Request: A More Complete Autocomplete

I've noticed that I do this a lot more than I'd like: look up which parameters certain functions take and what properties an object has.

I initially thought that an Xcode-style autocomplete could be great for this situation, where when you autocomplete a function, it gives you the list of parameters it takes with labels for each one. (And when you press escape after an object, it gives you a list of its properties and the functions you can call on it.) But given that most parameters are optional in Framer, I'm not sure how this would work. Maybe a shortcut to launch snippets, and a more exhaustive list of snippets could solve the problem? Or attach descriptions to autocomplete, with a list of parameters and properties?


Koen Bok

Well, we can definitely do this now (with the new editor). But you are right on that copying XCode won't work. Good opportunity to come up with something better. I'll happily take ideas.

Aaron Carámbula

One thing to copy would be opt+click for documentation :D

Maybe each typeahead suggestion that has arguments has a nub/chevron and typing the right arrow on the keyboard expands it to show a range of options for inserting arguments.

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