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Koen Bok
Posted Aug 14 - Read on Facebook

We just shipped Framer Studio 1.5! A new native editor, fully Yosemite ready, updated look and much more. Enjoy!


Dan Dalzotto

Congrats mate, well done!

Anders Hedwig


Jonny Burch

Nice! I've wanted the fullscreen thing since I started using.

On that note, not a big thing but header BG goes dark when fullscreen but buttons don't adjust. Looks a bit weird :D

Koen Bok

Jonny hey good one. Seems to be 10.9 only. Thanks for reporting.

Ed Chao

weekend booked.

Angel Ceballos

omg!!!!!!! yayyyy!!!! :)

Michael Dorian Bach

You guys are killing it with these rapid updates. So this is what it feels like for a product to be alive.

Noah Tsutsui

Sick. Btw, zoomable fonts aren't working for me, the text just stays the same size.

Riccardo Zecchini

yep, for me either. cannot increment the font size

Koen Bok

Noah thanks for reporting. Seems to be 10.9 only. I'm on it.

Benny Chew

Great stuff, but please make it usable for people with a Wacom (and no mouse and trackpad). When I'm on my desktop I work with a Wacom, no mouse nearby. You now hide the editor scrollbar by default, which makes it very hard to scroll down. Sometimes I use page up down, but not always. Sometimes I want to drag the scrollbar... I know it's ugly but I want to always see the big light grey Apple scrollbar. I have the OS X setting Show scroll bars set to Always. It shoudn't ignore my system setting.

Chris Kalani

When do you sleep?

Ola Laurin

Seems like the snippets got a weird colour scheme.

Jorn van Dijk

Known bug, on it.

Ola Laurin

Ok. Great job btw.

Harish J Simha

How to get javascript working in the editor.. ? am i missing anything :)

Billy Roh

>> Case insensitive autocomplete matching
꒰♡˃̶̤́ ॢ꒳ ॢ˂̶̤̀ ꒱·◌*.♡

Koen Bok

Just for you Billy!

Marc Krenn

Changing the font-size neither works on 10.9 nor on 10.10 for me (just updated OSX from 10.9 to 10.10 DP5)

Koen Bok

Marc, on 10.10, do you get NSArchiver errors in

Patrick Pietens

Love this update! Can you guys add javascript next to coffeescript? And autocomplete would be awesome.

Koen Bok

Marc maybe they are not listening to you ;-)

Koen Bok

But thanks for posting that. It's the same issue. I know what to fix.

Marc Krenn

My post above proves - once and for all - that permanent exposure to media DOES *some* things to your brain ;)

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