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Jordan Mauriello
Posted Aug 06 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone, hope you are having a good Wednesday. I would just like to invite you to submit any cool original, creative projects to for an Honorable Mention or Case Study of the Week award. Our team would love to showcase your work!


Koen Bok

Jordan, I'm not going to throw this out because your site looks like there is actual cool stuff. But if you make posts like this, can you please add why we should submit, what you are looking for and who you are?

Jordan Mauriello

Absolutely, and thank you for letting me know rather than just removing the post. My name is Jordan, and I am a representative from Howww. Our mission is to create a resource where professionals and beginners can find inspiration, share knowledge and discuss the experience behind creating everything from the next big marketing campaign to your won pet projects. All of us at Howww are intensely passionate about visual effects, interactive, graphic design and animation. The benefit of submitting is one could, potentially, get their work featured on the website and on our social media channels in the winning of either a Honorable Mention or Case Study of the Week. Submission requirements can be found on the website, and anyone is free to reach out if they have questions.

Jordan Mauriello

Even if you don't have a project to submit or know of anyone who might be interested at this time, feel free to like us and click 'Get Notifications' from our Facebook page at to see when we post the latest work from award winners. Hopefully, we can be of some help to those in this group.

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