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Jon Gold
Posted Aug 14 - Read on Facebook

Any interest in a meetup?


Jorn van Dijk

Do organize! We can help you out by promoting it on the blog.

Koen Bok

If there is enough animo, I'll hop in a plane.

Koen Bok

Animo = interest.

Andreas Wahlström

Koen Bok same here!

Jonny Burch

yep! I can bring peeps

Arthur Dagard

in paris but YES I'll take the train

Matt Kay


Josh Puckett

Ah I want to come to this so badly...

Luke Ngakane

Yeah let's do it

Anna Báguina

I am in)

Christophe Stoll

Koen Andreas is this also true for Hamburg? ;-)

Aaron Root

I'd go!

Blaise DiPersia

If this is late August or beginning of September I would join too. Might even be able to host!

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