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Stephen Crowley
Posted Aug 05 - Read on Facebook

Has anyone integrated Hammer.JS w/ Library.JS? When combining the two Hammer events stop working. (


Marc Krenn

Hey Stephen!

I can't really replicate what you're saying - the usual Hammer events seem to work just fine for me. However, I haven't used any library-specific functions, so maybe that's what breaking it for you.

Also I've noticed the prototype won't load locally (gives me the enclosed error-message), so you may want to load it your index.html from a Dropbox public link or Koen's micro server (


index.html via Dropbox:

Stephen Crowley

Hey Marc, thanks for the response! Yeah, I actually use Python's SimpleHTTPServer to see locally. I could use Koen's- would save me some keystrokes. As for your example- Utils.domLoadScriptSync("/plugins/library.js") allows you to not reference it in your index.html?

Marc Krenn

Nope, AFAIK you shouldn't do both. So either put


on top of your code OR include library.js into your index.html with

<script src="plugins/library.js"></script>

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