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Ed Chao
Posted Aug 04 - Read on Facebook

new prototype example using touch/hold with HammerJS library (post includes link to interactive version). happy monday folks :)


Min-Sang Choi

awesome stuff man :-)

Ed Chao

hm, for some reason the interactive version has some animation hiccups that don't show in FS. Sorry bout that.

Marc Krenn

Very nice!

Koen Bok

Very cool! Did you use my scroll view?

Ed Chao

Koen Bok unfortunately not, but I imagine throwing it in won't be too difficult. If I've got time this week, I'll def update it :)

Koen Bok

Well I'd wait a bit, it's not entirely done yet. I just thought so from watching the video :-)

Ed Chao

nonsense, I played with it already and it's as legit as truth.

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