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Benny Chew
Posted Aug 04 - Read on Facebook

I'm prototyping a tile based game (Bingo). Any ideas how to create a button event for let's say 25 tiles and being able to retrieve their ID (number from 0 to 24) on click. Not having to create separate 25 functions. I've tried a for loop, it worked, but I couldn't manage to retrieve the ID. I need this ID for an array I have. I couldn't find this in the examples, also searching was tricky to find. Thanks!


Min-Sang Choi

Try using “this”. It’ll tell current object’s properties.

//Object is an array, and syntax is under the loop

Object = new Layer blahblahblah

Obejct.on Events.Click,->


Benny Chew

Thanks Min-Sang Choi will try!

Koen Bok

Here is a simple example:

Benny Chew

Great! Thanks Koen Bok it worked. The Framer.js community is awesome! I didn't know you could pass the layer obj as a 2nd parameter in the click event.

Benny Chew

Just learned you can't use "id", it's a protected property perhaps. Have to use something like "buttonID" like in your example. Good to know.

Andreas Wahlström

you can also use this.buttonId instead of adding a clickedLayer parameter.

Ed Chao

here's an example of something somewhat similar. It's a photogrid populated with data from an object array. Data can be retrieved on an event.

Benny Chew

Thanks for sharing Ed Chao, will definitely check it out!

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