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Riccardo Zecchini
Posted Aug 04 - Read on Facebook

Trying to combine framer with a Mapbox map. In framer I successfully added a layer with the div I need, then, inside the index.html I load the scripts and draw the map. Everything is fine, now I’m trying to figuring out how to add interactions between framer layers and the map (e.g. I click on a framer-layer and the map changes its view / I click on the map and a framer layer changes its content...). Is there a way to access and control the framer layers outside Am I taking the wrong approach? Thank you!


Riccardo Zecchini

Aidan Simpson Brendan Stromberger did you make something similar with Google Maps?

Koen Bok

Nope, this should totally work. Just use the preferred way to get events from the map and call stuff on the layer. You might want to make a global that holds layers that you can access anywhere:

window.LayerList = {mapLayer: mapLayer}

Koen Bok

Then anywhere else you can do:

LayerList.mapLayer.x = 200

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