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John Anthony Evans
Posted Aug 05 - Read on Facebook

I cannot get the Generator to work for the life of me. I think there are some permissions issues somewhere because when I run the generator I get the following error: Failed to load resource: The requested URL was not found on this server.

When I manually look for the file it's trying to open there is nothing actually there. The path looks something like /var/folders/00/1tc7r000h01000cxqpysvccm0079hz/T/336114CC-4096-4EA2-9149-978A01A00FB3-39869-0000288BA9F9A0B9/imported

But there is nothing in it at all. Any thoughts on as to why?

Framer Studio Version 1.0.181 (277)
Sketch Version 3.0.4 (8054) (Downloaded from Sketch website)


Albin Ekblom

Hard to recreate with that info.. But that combination of versions works fine for me!

John Anthony Evans

OK, had a moment today to look at the system console output and saw this. I'm assuming there is a signing issue with coscript...

Framer Studio[3570]: Run: /usr/bin/python (
"/var/folders/00/1tc7r000h01000cxqpysvccm0079hz/T/854E5625-52E9-4482-8A9E-FA2E34734721-3570-00001BB3AD35B8A8/imported/Import Test"
taskgated[19]: no system signature for unsigned /Applications/Framer[25879]

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