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Travis Rogers
Posted Aug 02 - Read on Facebook

I'm noticing that framer is attempting to load layers from my Sketch file that are in folders named with an asterisk at the end. Shouldn't adding an asterisk at the end of a folder name in Sketch flatten the contents of the folder?

For example, I'm getting a list of about 20 errors in the console stating 'file:///Users/travisrogers/Dropbox/MGO/MGO_VxD/Mobile/iOS/2.0/iPhone/Prototypes/Media%20Details/Movie%20Media%20Details/Framer%202/movie-md-2.framer/imported/movie_media_details/images/Add_icon_2-C0D5F8E4-C0E3-4564-9E48-77A6DE36A075.png?nocache=1406933813336'
Failed to load resource: The requested URL was not found on this server. --

The layer 'Add icon 2' is 2 folders deep inside of a folder called 'nav*'. Fortunately this doesn't seem to be affecting the performance of my build, but it is making it difficult to see my log calls in the console. Is there a better or new way of specifying which folders should be flattened in the communication between Sketch and Framer Studio?

Thanks in advance!