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Joey Cordes
Posted Aug 02 - Read on Facebook

Just switched over to Framer Studio, can't figure out how to toggle the device on/off when I'm viewing my prototype on web. Used to be spacebar. Any tips?


Tisho Georgiev

It's never been spacebar if you were using framer-templates. It's Alt+P, or you can add a #dev to the url to start in plain (no device frame) mode.

Also, Framer Studio doesn't use the same template code. You need to add it separately. There's a section in the README for framer-templates that goes over how to do this.

Joey Cordes

Thanks Tisho! I was on sketch-framer before. A friend pointed me to your repo and it solved my problem. I added the URL here for anyone else who runs into this!

Tisho Georgiev

Ah, I see! Enjoy then :)

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