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Anders Hedwig
Posted Jul 31 - Read on Facebook

Finished my Smartwatch Prototype for now, but lots of work to do.

You can clone my github repo if you are interested how I've done this.

I know the code looks ugly so far, hadn't the time to refactor. But I surely will do it later on. :)


Anders Hedwig

Stephen Crowley Now, watch out son! :D

Stephen Crowley

You did that this morning? Wow, time flies... *ba dun tss* .. Looks good man!

Anders Hedwig

Nah i started yesterday in the evening. And worked on it the Last 3 Hours mb

Anders Hedwig

Speaking in terms of ...
Wait for it...
Central Europe ...


Anders Hedwig

If someone is interested to collaborate on this, let me know. I have a decent amount of enhancements and features right in my head. :D

Jardson Almeida


Anders Hedwig

Thx :)

Anders Hedwig
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