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Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira
Posted Jul 31 - Read on Facebook

I think I've asked this before, but the answer was not what I needed, so here it goes again (with the risk of being dumb but who cares? ;)

Has anyone used states to change a couple of properties that would be inside the style object?



switching to selected state, won't change the text color to white...

Am I doing something completely off here? I was just using the same property name as in the constructor... : /


Jon Gold

I think you can only change animatable properties - "properties being animated (x, y, width, height, opacity, scale, rotation, filters)" (at least that's my reading of it)

Andreas Wahlström

you'll probably have to do it using the did/willswitch event. eg. imageLayer.states.on Events.StateWillSwitch, (oldState, newState) -> if newState is "third" then imageLayer.color = "red"

Koen Bok

Jon is right, but I made it more complex by adding "proxied" css properties that are numeric but take a string like borderRadius etc. I should probably spend some time to clear this up. For now it's easiest to remember: if it takes a number (so not a string) you can animate it (and it will work in the state machine).

Aaron Carámbula

Any chance colors will come? They animate with CSS transitions and are numbers after all :)

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Thanks Koen... I was not even thinking of animating the changes, but then it would be completely inconsistent.

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