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Andy Cetnarskyj
Posted Jul 31 - Read on Facebook

Our iOS dev's asked me to use Quartz/Origami to make animation prototypes as they said it was closer to native animations.

Are framer JS just as close, has anyone used both?


Albin Ekblom

Framer are too smooth, sorry ;)

Noah Tsutsui

it's because of that damn wired article...

Andy Cetnarskyj

Lol, I think your right. Other problem is i'm making a landscape iPad app too, but saw third party add ons

Thomas Aylott

ReboundJS spring configs are compatible with Origami. I'm sure there's a way to translate Framer spring configs into Origami compatible.

I've been using ReboundJS with Framer directly which simplified this considerably. I haven't taken the time to open source that yet though.

Thomaz Cardoso

what article Noah Tsutsui?

Noah Tsutsui

google "wired quartz composer"

Min-Sang Choi

I remember koen did some work about this.

Aaron Carámbula

Are they using the fb pop animation framework?

Andy Cetnarskyj

yes that is the main reason so the Origami values and Pop can look the same. Something that hasn't been ported to JS

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