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Kyle Sollenberger
Posted Jul 31 - Read on Facebook

Having a lot of fun playing around with material design patterns on Framer. Here's a card-based UI with multiple view support i'm working on.


Johannes Eckert

awesome! can you share some pieces how you made the cards expand full-width or if this is flexible on how many cards etc?
I guess this would be an awesome contribution to the framer examples site!

Kyle Sollenberger

Code to come.

Kyle Sollenberger

The cards are data driven, so you can add as many as you want

Johannes Eckert

from looking at the video, this really conveys a lot of the material design idea and the fluent views!

James Caruso

Johannes Eckert, I was just going to say it reminds me of material design. Kyle Sollenberger, this is a really great example!

Kyle Sollenberger

just a disclaimer, the code is probably terrible... but it makes sense to me. :)

Stephen Crowley

Thanks for sharing Kyle! Very interested in the cards being data driven.

Johannes Eckert

ha ha, your disclaimer is just perfect. that's what this is all for! tinkering!

Akash Soti

Awesome work!

Miguel Kooreman


Ed Chao

this is sweet, thanks for sharing

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