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Todd Hamilton
Posted Jul 30 - Read on Facebook

Made a walk cycle using states. Turned out to be a fun little experiment.

You can grab the sample project here:

Live version:


Jorn van Dijk

Ha this one is awesome!

Koen Bok

Argh you are better in Framer than me!!

Noah Tsutsui


Noah Tsutsui

How does subLayer work... this is just creating a container?

Todd Hamilton

Koen haha! I doubt that :)

Todd Hamilton

Noah I used subLayers to make a basic rig. That way when I rotate the upperLeg the lowerLeg and foot will move with it.

Min-Sang Choi

oooh this walking man is so awesome.

Kristoffer Brady

Haha good work!

Aaron Carámbula

Dang Todd, those hips don't lie.

Tanya Herrgott

He's got style!

Ed Chao

love this little dude. cleverness level a million.

Akash Soti

Rocked it!!

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