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Albin Martinsson
Posted Jul 29 - Read on Facebook

Is it possible to target numbered PSD-layers?

In this example I can't target amount-3, do you guys know how to solve this?

second: {y:100, scale:1.3}



Ale Muñoz

I think "-" is not a valid character for JS variables. Try using "_" in your layer name : )

Jon Gold

shoppingTestLayers['amount-3'] should work

Jon Gold

object.key & object['key'] are equivalent -

Albin Martinsson


Albin Martinsson

While I'm at it I have another question. I have a background layer with cards placed vertically along it. The background layer is extending beyond the screen and is around 2000 pixels tall. When I add the = true

nothing happens.

Am I targeting the wrong layer or have I missed something completely?

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