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Koen Bok
Posted Jul 29 - Read on Facebook

Just pushed update 1.0.175. Fixed all known Yosemite issues and a nasty bug that would not update your Sketch/PS imports.

### 1.0.175

- Fixed startup crash when in trial (Yosemite)
- Fixed other small Yosemite issues
- Fixed bug where generator wouldn't properly update your project
- Fixed issue where generator wouldn't see open files in Sketch

You can always find this and older versions here:


Adam Bubeníček

Hi Koen, generator is still not able to find open Sketch documents for me. I'm running Sketch beta 3.0.4 (8156) and Framer Studio 1.0.175 (271) on Mavericks.

Generator says "Sketch not Running – Please open Sketch". Is it just me?

Stephen Crowley

In-App "Check for Updates..." not finding it for me- not sure if anyone else having this issue. Going to just manually update.

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