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Noah Tsutsui
Posted Jul 29 - Read on Facebook

Can someone help me out with this?


Koen Bok
Nathan Kane

I'm still seeing "Sketch not running" with Sketch Beta Version 3.0.4 (8156) and Framer Studio Version 1.0.175 (271). Anyone else?

Kyle O'Reilly

I see "Sketch not running" when using the generator in Framer Studio v1.0.175. Try downloading the standalone generator ( It runs successfully for me, although I am not clear on what it is supposed to be doing (a la my post below).

Nathan Kane

Yeah that works for me, but not sure how to get the generated folder into Framer Studio. I guess the browser can suffice for now though.

Koen Bok

Nathan you need Sketch from the AppStore.

Nathan Kane

Thanks Koen, that was it, works with the production Sketch.

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