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William Hutter
Posted Jul 28 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, do you know if Sketch and Framer Studio work on Yosemite Beta 1 ?


Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

It does :) I'm on it :)

Koen Bok

Some things in FS are broken like license registration.

Joshua Dern

Yeah, Koen Bok I'm having that problem now because I have to re-enter my license info and can't. Any idea when that will be fixed, or have a workaround?

Min-Sang Choi

using dp1-dp4, it works beautifully so far.

Koen Bok

Just installed Yosemite, but I don't know how hard it is to fix yet. If it's hard it could take a few days.

Koen Bok

I found another bug that would throw an exception on launch with an unregistered trial. Fixed that, and it will go out soon.

Koen Bok

Joshua you should be able to copy over your preferences file from 10.9.

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