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Mark Johnston
Posted Jul 31 - Read on Facebook

I can't get the latest version of Framer Studio (1.0.168 (264)) to use generator when the latest version of Sketch Beta is open (3.0.4 (8156))

With the latest Framer Studio (1.0.168 (264)) and the latest not beta of Sketch (3.0.4 (8053)) Sketch files I import only come in as a single image.


Koen Bok

Hmm works fine here. Since the latest build you need regular Sketch (not beta). You can get and try an older build here:

Koen Bok

Let me know if you find out what causes it.

Mark Johnston

Hey Koen, Looks like it was really an issue around what I expected to see as a result of the generator. Maybe it would be nice to see some sort of visual structure of the generated content, or intellisense or at the list a listing of the layers as variables. It would certainly help me understand and work with my files without referring back to the Sketch file. I look forward to jumping further into this in the coming week.

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