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Julius Gehrig
Posted Jul 26 - Read on Facebook

Played around with Framer for the first Time today and came up with this:

Here's a link to the project in case you want to look at the code:

I'd love to hear your thoughts / suggestions on how to improve it! :)


Andrew Hwang

How did you get/implement that cursor?

Taylor Rogalski

Andrew - it's included in Framer Studio

Andrew Hwang

Ahhh -- thanks Taylor!

Amrit Mazumder

Andrew if you're not using Framer Studio, then you can just download a PNG of a bobble from dribbble and then include it in your index.html file

James Caruso

Love how fluid everything feels.

Marcus Alkemade

I would pick up if I get a call from a girl like that.

Julius Gehrig

James YetiMade Caruso Thanks James!

Julius Gehrig

Daniel Louwe Kooijmans You can use Quicktime to record your screen :)

David Hoang

Daniel I am assuming it's QuickTime screen capture.

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