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Jakub Burkot
Posted Jul 26 - Read on Facebook

Has anybody tried recreating iOS7 style background blur? I have not worked on that yet, but the only thing that comes to my mind is by using mask and blur. Thanks in advance!


Koen Bok

Yeah that would be it. The hard thing is that you can't get the actual rendered pixels from a composition (maybe in a future browser api) so you have to "fake it". For static content it's easy to just make a screenshot, add it as an image and blur it.

Koen Bok

Or, you can copy the whole view (with layer.copy()) and blur the root layer.

Andreas Wahlström

I did something like this a while back:

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

and for video, is pure hack : I draw part of the video that will be blurred in a canvas and then blur it. It works, but for mobile it will probably take a hit on performance.

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