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Luke Warda
Posted Jul 28 - Read on Facebook

Trying to generate a side menu with links to areas of the app. I have:

sidemenuLinks = ["Home", "Link 1", "Link2", "Link3", "Link4", "Link 5"]

for colNumber in [0...6]
Field = new Layer
width:500, height:100, backgroundColor: "#1B1B1B", shadowY: 2, shadowBlur: 0, borderRadius: "0px", y: (colNumber) * 100, superLayer: sidemenuLayer

Field.html = sidemenuLinks[0..6]

This populates each link with "Home", "Link 1", "Link2", "Link3", "Link4", "Link 5". Can u suggest any solution to this? thnks!


Jon Gold

last line ->
Field.html = sidemenuLinks[colNumber]

Luke Warda

Thanks mate! Super helpful!!!

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